Eli That’s eh-lee, not ee-lieKrupitsky

I’m a web developer and designer/illustrator, based in Tel Aviv. (Well, Ramat Gan. But it’s a walking distance, so it still counts) I’ve had the pleasure of working for various clients, from large corporations and high-tech startups, to local business and artists. If you’d like to join them, click on the “contact” button.

SitesWell, a representative sample, anyway I’ve developed

Whether it’s pixel-perfect, performant, modern HTML, CSS and JS for your new webapp, a corporate site for your company or organization, or a Shopify-based e-commerce shop, I’m your guy!

Front end

  • Semantic, pixel-perfect, typography-aware HTML5 and CSS3. My design training allows me to make the websites look exactly like your designer wanted it to.

  • PageSpeed optimization, including deferred loading of interactive components, modular and deferred CSS, and automatic creation of responsive and WEBP images.

  • Modern JavaScript / ES and TypeScript.

  • Too many libraries and frameworks to list here, from lightweight vanilla Javascript, to SPAs in Vue.js, Svelte and Angular, PWAs with Ionic, and specialized libraries, like GSAP and Lottie.

Back end

  • PHP (the newer the better), including both existing CMS, and custom, modern PHP code.

  • WordPress for content-oriented sites. Everything from building simple themes, to large websites and custom plugin/module development. I use Timber and Twig to make my templates squeaky clean, and accessible even to non-programmers.

  • Python and Django, for the heavier lifting.

  • E-commerce development using Shopify.

  • Static site generators like Jekyll and Middleman.

Things“Works”? “Designs”? … “stuff”? I’ve designed and illustrated

Including web design for websites I’ve made, proposed application design, editorial illustration, and private works.

What can I offer

  • UX/Information architecture, in collaboration with other designers, or as part of an individual project

  • Web and app design, for websites, webapps, mobile and internal projects

  • Illustration, both editorial, and as assets for games and designs

Tools I use

  • The Adobe suite of products, including Photoshop, Illustrator, XD, InDesign. And in a pinch, Animate, and some After Effects

  • A B.Des. in Graphic Design (Illustration focus) from Shenkar college

  • Digital and traditional painting and drawing skills

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